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Accomplished Glynn County Civil Litigators Protect Clients’ Interests

St. Simons Island attorneys assist Georgia residents and businesses

Civil litigation involves various means of pursuing the resolution of noncriminal disputes between individuals and/or organizations. Located on St. Simons Island, Choate Harris P.C. provides comprehensive civil litigation support to clients throughout Glynn County and the surrounding area. Our attorneys blend thorough factual investigation with in-depth knowledge of procedural and substantive law. In cases relating to contract disputes, employment matters and other conflicts, our firm presents thoughtfully prepared cases before judges, juries, commissioners, mediators and arbitrators.

Knowledgeable advocates handle a wide range of civil actions

We provide honest, diligent representation to Georgia clients in numerous types of civil litigation matters, including those relating to:

  • Breach of contract claims — If a party violates the terms of an agreement with you or your business, our attorneys assert your rights under the document and in court if necessary.
  • Lease and purchase agreements — We handle conflicts that arise from property transactions and other deals. In many instances, these problems can be resolved favorably through skillful negotiation.
  • Commercial disputes —While some commercial disputes are straightforward with regard to fault, damage, and remedy, complex commercial arrangements are vulnerable to far-reaching repercussions when even one player fails to perform. In Uniform Commercial Code cases and other situations, we act swiftly and decisively to limit economic damage and obtain a proper remedy.
  • Trade or service mark infringement — People and companies are entitled to reap the benefits of their intellectual property. When someone uses your work improperly or you are accused of violating a trade or service mark, our attorneys provide comprehensive advocacy.

Whether you require assistance with a business law conflict or a personal matter, you can count on us to take a strong position on your behalf. Adversaries know that we won’t hesitate to assert your rights in court, so your negotiating position becomes more effective and powerful.

Skillful lawyers advise on all types of employment issues

If an employment law problem occurs, our Glynn County attorneys deliver strong counsel to both employers and workers. We pursue prompt, fair resolutions to issues concerning compensation, discipline and other matters. Our extensive background in contract and labor law also gives clients an advantage in cases involving severance and noncompete agreements.

Established firm represents parties in shareholder and partnership disputes

Conflicts between key people in a business can quickly erode a company’s ability to operate effectively. Our attorneys advocate for clients in disputes between shareholders, partners, directors and executives. As we seek to deliver the best possible outcome for the people we represent, our lawyers proceed in a manner that reflects positive company values. No matter what the specific disagreement entails, we work tirelessly to avert distractions that consume resources and damage morale.

Contact a dedicated Georgia civil litigator to schedule an appointment

Choate Harris P.C. represents clients in Glynn County and throughout the surrounding area in civil litigation and other matters. Please call 912.324.5216 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our St. Simons Island office.


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