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Experienced St. Simons Island attorneys assist Glynn County clients

Creating a comprehensive estate plan gives you and your loved ones the peace of mind you deserve. If you have questions regarding wills or probate, the knowledgeable attorneys at Choate Harris P.C. in St. Simons Island can assist with a variety of complex estate planning and administration concerns. In Glynn County and the surrounding area, we also advise clients on issues concerning business structure and succession. Whether you’re looking to protect your family’s future or seeking to complete the probate process without undue hassle, our lawyers offer professional guidance and personalized service. Firm attorneys know how to spot key issues and deliver effective solutions.

Honest firm delivers comprehensive counsel relating to wills

Drafting a will enables you to preserve your assets and pass them in the manner that you choose. Our attorneys help a wide range of clients to create an appropriate will and understand issues such as:

  • Intestacy — When no will exists, a decedent’s property is divided under Georgia’s intestacy rules, which prioritize certain family members. However, if no debtors object and the heirs agree on a resolution, the allocation can occur outside of the probate process.
  • Legal requirements — To create a legal will in Georgia, two witnesses must be present as you sign and attest in writing to the validity of your signature. Though notarization is not necessary, creating a “self-proving” notarized document eases the process of enforcing your will when the time comes. We will also outline the role of the personal representative and help you designate a trusted person to execute the instructions in your will.
  • Modifications — Just because you’ve created a last will and testament doesn’t mean that it accurately reflects your current situation and wishes. If you haven’t reviewed the document in a while, we can go over the key terms with you and make any adjustments that you think are appropriate.
  • Surviving spouse rights — Surviving spouses and minor children are entitled to a year’s support from the assets in the estate under Georgia law. To obtain this relief, a petition must be filed within two years of the decedent’s death. If you have questions regarding shared property or the treatment of other assets, we can help.

With our guidance, you can make informed decisions and create a document that meets your unique estate planning needs.

Skillful advocates guide clients through the Georgia probate process

Probate complications can consume the value of a decedent’s estate and cause added stress during an already difficult time. When probate is used to allocate property, our firm guides personal representatives at every stage of the process, including the gathering of assets, creating a thorough inventory, addressing challenges, and paying estate expenses. We also assist in closing the estate and obtaining a discharge of the personal representative.

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Choate Harris P.C. assists clients with wills and probate matters throughout the Glynn County area. Please call 912.324.5216 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our St. Simons Island office.


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